Media Circling Wagons Around Juan Williams


Was Juan Williams fired unfairly?

Yes, his comments about Muslims smacked of intolerance. But were they a firing offense for a commentator paid for his opinions? Howard Kurtz on NPR’s politics and Fox’s counteroffensive.

Did National Public Radio really fire Juan Williams for his remarks about Muslims—or the forum in which he made them?

I suspect that if he’d said the same thing to Charlie Rose, rather than on the O’Reilly Factor, he’d still have his radio job.

It’s no secret that some NPR folks have been uncomfortable with Williams’ role on Fox News, where he’s also a part-time commentator. Last year, Politico reported, NPR tried to persuade its White House correspondent, Mara Liasson, to give up her Fox gig.

What Williams said makes me uncomfortable, but it isn’t close to being a firing offense—not for someone who is paid for his opinions.

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