Media Buys Obama’s Lies


By Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media

Our media have been in awe of Barack Obama’s physique, his workouts and basketball skills. But his lies about the proposed federal “stimulus” plan are what really deserve scrutiny.

Mike Allen of quotes Republican consultant Frank Luntz as complimenting Obama for coming up with the deceptive phrase, “American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan,” to describe the largest federal spending bill in history that is mainly designed to bail out state and local governments that have already spent too much taxpayer money.

Luntz told Politico that “Obama’s team are the best linguists I’ve ever seen. Republicans aren’t in his league right now.” Those “linguists” include former reporters such as David Axelrod and Linda Douglass.

Explaining the propaganda value of the bill, Luntz said, “Recovery says putting the country back on track, and reinvestment is the next step up from investment.”

Our media are not going to fall for this ploy, are they?

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