Media Bias On display in recent polls:


By Jim Putnam, Coltons Point Times

Photo Credit: sskennel Creative Commons

If ever there was evidence of the bias of the nation’s elite media it is in the reporting of the latest polls on our politicians. A poll by the Washington Post and ABC News showing a Palin favorable rating of 40%, was hailed as evidence by the nation’s liberal media that Palin is falling off the cliff in terms of public support.

Of course no one mentioned that the poll included all people not even limiting it to registered voters as all reliable polls do. This is a sham and a deception and the media should be ashamed for even suggesting it was scientific.

In the Rasmussen Reports, a legitimate independent polling service relied upon for political purposes, his latest poll shows Obama has now dropped 16% in his favorable rating, from a high of 65% last January to 49% today. It is the first time he has fallen below 50%. Did you notice any articles showing Obama had fallen more than Palin in the ratings? Oh yes, the Rasmussen Report only polls registered voters so it does have meaning for the next elections.

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Photo Credit: sskennel (Creative Commons)


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