Media bias ensures Hamas is always going to win PR battle


Lindy McDowell, Belfast Telegraph

Why are terror groups so very good at PR?

Because people who don’t ask a lot of hard questions allow themselves to be taken in by them. It happened here. And it is happening now in the Middle East. We used to talk in these parts about visiting commentators being seduced by the whiff of cordite. Never mind that the ‘freedom fighters’ exuding gun smoke and hype were murdering fascists whose main victims were their own community.

They’d portrayed themselves as the underdogs — the oppressed. And that, temporarily anyway, was PR gold. It still is ?

Today, according to the broad brushstroke coverage of the crisis in Gaza, Israelis are the mindless, inhumane bully boys of the Middle East. The raids on Gaza we’re told, are purely about ‘revenge’. Not about trying to end a truly intolerable situation where hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians have been living in fear of being killed by totally indiscriminate bombing by Qassam rockets.

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