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Media Accused Of Hollywood Sex Ring Cover-up

“This is about grown men sexually abusing children...”


Some of the alleged abuse reportedly occurred at the Paul Mitchell estate in Kailua, Hawaii, with Collins-Rector and others. “While there,” the suit says, “the Paul Mitchell estate contained firearms, drugs, and alcohol. As in California, there was frequent sexual contact by a number of adult males with teenage males and the providing of alcoholic beverages and drugs to the young males. On each occasion when Plaintiff was in Hawaii, he was required to interact with Defendant Singer while at the Paul Mitchell estate.”

Egan’s attorney is Jeff Herman, a nationally-recognized attorney for victims of sexual abuse whose previous targets have included the Roman Catholic Church. Subsequent lawsuits name producer Gary Goddard, TV executive Garth Ancier, and former Disney TV president David Neuman as alleged abusers.

“This is about grown men sexually abusing children,” he said.

The mother says she went to various law enforcements authorities, including the FBI, with the allegations; but nothing was done.

Now that the Singer lawsuit has been filed, some news organizations are reporting on what The Huffington Post calls “Bryan Singer’s Wild Hollywood World,” with a link to a BuzzFeed story about his penchant for “beautiful young men.”

It is also being reported that plaintiff Egan is working with Amy Berg, a producer known for “Deliver Us from Evil,” a film about Catholic Church sexual abuse. This film, about a Catholic priest and serial child molester who served in a number of parishes in Southern California, was nominated for an Academy Award.

It will be fascinating to see if her new film project about Hollywood sex rings gets similar acclaim.

The news blackout of the story—until the lawsuit was filed—brings to mind the comments of HBO personality Bill Maher that a “gay Mafia” runs Hollywood and dictates who succeeds and fails. The comments followed the ouster of Mozilla Firefox CEO Brendan Eich, after information was leaked that he had supported a California referendum in favor of traditional marriage.

Although attorney Jeff Herman said the suits are not about homosexuality, but rather pedophilia and child abuse, Peter LaBarbera of the group Americans for Truth notes that the founder of the modern gay rights movement, Harry Hay, was a communist who supported the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).

LaBarbera was recently arrested and jailed in Canada for distributing pro-family values literature on the campus of the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada.

On the conservative Sun News Network in Canada, commentator and Toronto Sun columnist Brian Lilley decried the arrest of LaBarbera and his associate Bill Whatcott for “simply speaking on the university campus.”

Although the situation is not yet that dire in the U.S., the alleged cover-up of the allegations about charges concerning a Hollywood pedophile ring, going back many years, suggests that it has been extremely difficult, especially for victims, to tell the truth about homosexual media power in the United States.

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