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McRecovery? 7,000 Jobs for Americans, More Money for Illegals


by Kevin “Coach” Collins
Despite cheering from the media, the economy last month added a meager 7,000 jobs outside the fast food industry. But not everyone is scraping, scrimping, and flipping patties. Illegal aliens are sending more greenbacks south of the border than they have in muchas dias.

In some circles it’s being said, “The one good thing about our bad economy is that at least it’s sending illegal aliens home.” The latest report on the amount of American money being sent on a one way trip to Mexico proves that’s not true.  It shows that while fewer Americans are working, more illegal aliens are holding jobs they have no right to.

In the first quarter of this year, there were almost two percent more of these remittances, and the amount of money sent back to Mexico is climbing. In March the central bank of Mexico received $2.05 billion, or 20 percent more than it did in February.

Illegal aliens are working, but we’re not.

In spite of the inconvenient truth that our unemployment rate has gone back up to nine percent, Obama and his cheering section media want us to believe that progress is being made because the April employment numbers are up. But are they really up?

Of course they gloss over the truth that, of the 244,000 new jobs the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fully 25 percent or 62,000 were the Democrats’ dreaded “hamburger-flipping” jobs, in the truest sense of the slur.

McDonald’s a firm that was given a “Quid” delivered its “pro quo.”

Last October, the hamburger giant was handed a huge edge over its competitors when Obama gave it a waiver of the healthcare coverage that would have otherwise required McDonald’s to provide expensive enhanced healthcare coverage to its employees.

The grateful McDonald’s could afford to hire these new employees knowing it will be able afford them. Not having to be dragged down by ObamaCare will keep McDonald’s on top for years to come.

The Birth/Death Adjustment

Hidden within the reported 244,000 new jobs was a statistical construct called the birth/death adjustment (BDA). The BDA is a guess made by government employees about how many new jobs were realized when the net jobs gain from new start up companies is juxtaposed with the net loss of jobs that “died” when companies closed down. This month’s Bureau of Labor Statistics BDA number was 175,000.

When the BDA is subtracted from the 244,000 the remainder is 69,000 new jobs. When the 62,000 jobs at McDonald’s are subtracted from the remainder, just 7,000 new jobs were created.

The simple mathematics tells us somebody is working in this country, but it isn’t us.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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