McMahon and O’Donnell Madden Media Mudslingers


They just don’t get it. Mainstream media have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Republican senatorial candidates Linda McMahon in Connecticut and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware…and still, each is making a race of it in deep blue states. It’s enough to make grown journalists cry.

And they do, loud and often. Mainstream journalists are experiencing a dramatic
disconnect as voters shrug off their screams of “loon” (Washington Post) and
“seedy” (New York Times), two of the more polite descriptions applied by mainstream
media to these two Republican women. Why isn’t anyone listening? Watching this, American Thinker titled a blog item about the psychological state of the media mockers: “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.”

Good idea. Call them McMahon Muddled and O’Donnell Dumb. One after another, elite
journalists have taken to singing the refrain from the Rogers and Hart showtune from which
the blog headline is derived. This new class of Republican women have turned New York
Times, network, and Washington Post commentators into “simpering, whimpering child[ren]”
who hope these candidacies are “simply a bad dream.” They clearly yearn for the good old
days when men were men, politicians were corrupt, and women were content to be brainless
sexual objects and/or left-wing scolds.

McMahon and O’Donnell are different candidates with varying strengths who have come from behind to threaten insiders of both parties. McMahon has the best chance, with the current Real Clear Politics average moving her within 4% of her Democrat opponent. The latest Rasmussen polls show that McMahon “has almost closed the gap on a race that Democrats at one time thought they couldn’t lose,” while O’Donnell is increasingly taken seriously by Delaware voters.

Read More: By Stuart Schwartz, American Thinker


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