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What McDaniel’s Lawyer Just Said Could Rock The Republican Party…

"You're going to be astonished..."


After his rival closed a significant gap to secure a win in the recent U.S. Senate primary runoff election, state Sen. Chris McDaniel and his supporters began to uncover potential fraud behind Sen. Thad Cochran’s comeback victory.

Breitbart reports that McDaniel’s attorney, Mitch Tyner, addressed the possibility of filing a lawsuit to challenge the results of that election this week, noting investigators have plenty of evidence with which to do so.

“The million dollar question,” he said, “What did we find? We found a lot.”

Though the veteran lawyer said he has heard rumors of voter fraud for many years, this is the first opportunity he has had to observe the troubling trend firsthand.

“We’ve heard it our entire lives in Mississippi,” he said. “Votes are being bought. Ballot boxes are being stuffed. There are false affidavit ballots. There are invalid affidavit ballots. There are invalid absentee ballots. We’ve heard it all our lives.”

Tyner thanked state Sen. Michael Watson for his dedication to exposing such fraud – especially as it relates to his client. He noted Watson has pleaded with multiple judges to make election results available, citing the fact that courts have unanimously decided the request is legitimate. As the case heads for the state’s highest court, Tyner notes that the availability of vital data is imperative to arriving at the truth in the disputed election.

“That’s the issue that we want to make sure that the Supreme Court rules on,” he said, “that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you still get to look at the poll books.”

Assuming a favorable outcome at that level, he assured voters that McDaniel’s team would make any and all information they have public.

“We’re not only going to give it to you guys in the media,” he said, “we’re also going to give a copy of it to the U.S. Attorney, to the Federal Election Commission, and we’re also going to give it to the Attorney General of the State of Mississippi.”

He also alluded to some of the inconsistencies he expects to be able to divulge in the near future.

Promising some shocking revelations, he explained a major focus of the investigation involves finding out if the number of people who signed in at the polls is the same as the number of votes cast.

“You’re going to be astonished,” Tyner added. “They aren’t. It’s amazing. You’re going to see problem after problem.”

Photo credit: Facebook/Chris McDaniel for United States Senate


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