Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)

McCain is home from Washington, making his regular rounds in Arizona. He held a town hall in Mesa, AZ a couple days ago. His public appeal in Arizona has been dropping off, so he has to make the obligatory appearance on the one and only talk radio show in Phoenix, KFYI.

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The first voice I heard yesterday morning was John McCain, trying to incite a war in Syria.

According to McCain, ‘if the press would just show the American people all the dead babies, then they would be outraged.’ Americans are sick of pictures of dead babies and children, but McRino still believes that propaganda is an effective tool.

Speaking of tools, the local radio hosts are always at the ready to let the dear Senator have an hour of radio time to pump his agendas.

He was careful to use the term “Free Syrian Army” in place of “Al Qaeda”, or “Muslim Brotherhood”. Just for clarification, the Muslim Brotherhood aligned itself with Hitler during WWII. After the war, Syria, Egypt, and Iraq formed their own secret alliance. Congress held hearings on the possibility of an attack from Egypt, Syria, and Iraq in 1965. Those hearings were closed.

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The Muslim Brotherhood was invited to relax in the United States while they plotted their next adventure. In fact, they took flying lessons in Phoenix while McCain was a United States Senator. Frankly, it looks as though Mr. McCain has a vested interest in promoting the Free Syrian Army because he spends more time in Syria than he does in Arizona.

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)

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