Matthews, Cramer, MSNBC and CNBC — spare me!


David Zurawik, Baltimore Sun


Chris Matthews SCForgive me for getting my first post of the day up a little late. I made the mistake of spending my prime time last night with MSNBC and CNBC, NBC’s two too sorry excuses for 24/7 news cable channels.

Worse yet, what I watched featured two of their biggest, most over-inflated gas bags, Chris Matthews and Jim Cramer. It takes some time to recover from that, believe me. But I now know what eternal damnation will look like for me: I will be chained in front of a TV and forced to watch an endless loop of shows featuring these two cable clown pundits.

I watched Matthews to see how he would explain saying, “Oh God,” into an open microphone just as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal appeared on-camera Tuesday night to deliver the GOP answer to President Obama’s speech to Congress. Matthew’s explanation for this rude intrusion on an important political ritual was every bit as weasel-faced as one might expect.


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