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Marshall Likens Health Care Reforms To ‘Rape’


RICHMOND – Del. Bob Marshall, never one to shy away from controversial statements, told the U.S. Supreme Court Monday that the federal health care law was “akin to forcible economic rape.”

Marshall made the statement in a 46-page brief submitted to the high court from his legislative office asking the court to strike down the Affordable Care Act. The brief sets a combative tone for the Manassas Republican’s budding campaign for Virginia’s open U.S. Senate seat against former Gov. George Allen and others.

Sen. Dick Black, R-Leesburg, joined Marshall in the filing. Justices will hear five and a half hours of arguments in the case next month.

Marshall’s main objection to President Obama’s health care reform is the individual mandate, which requires everyone to purchase health insurance or pay a fine. Federal courts are split on whether the mandate is constitutional and it’s at the center of the case the Supreme Court will decide in June.

Proponents of the mandate and the health care reforms argue the law is constitutional because Congress has the right to regulate interstate commerce. It’s that assertion Marshall attempts to discredit.

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