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While Draghi admitted in 2012 the he would do “whatever it takes” to save the Euro, it can be assured that he will not implement a policy of sound money based on gold and silver. While such a move would begin a general recovery, it would also mean the end of Mario the Money-printer’s career as a central planner; and he would then have to find productive employment in the real world.

In what should make every European tremble, Mario the Money-printer promised more of the same if conditions do not improve: “Are we finished? The answer is no. We aren’t finished here. If need be, within our mandate, we aren’t finished….” Unfortunately, Draghi, in this case, is a man of his word; and as things deteriorate, which they certainly will, there will be more money printing. Until the power relationship of central banking is understood, and meaningful action is taken to dismantle central banking and prohibit state involvement in money, Mario Draghi’s war on Europeans and the rest of the world will continue.

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Photo credit: ECB European Central Bank (Flickr)

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