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Marine Hero Detained For Exercising 1st Amendment Rights


Brandon Raub served his country well, apparent from the amount of medals and decorations he received as a Marine.

He fought for this country, for freedom, and for the Constitution.

One thing in particular that he fought for was our right to free speech.

That right was taken away from him on August 16, 2012.

A contingent of police officers, FBI agents, and Secret Service agents wrestled him to the ground in handcuffs and took him away without due process, without being arrested, and without any semblance of legality.

Waiting back at John Randolph Psychiatric Hospital in Hopewell, Virginia was a psychiatrist willing to do the U.S. government’s bidding, who signed a court order to lock up Brandon for thirty days of “observation.”

What tipped off the FBI and Secret Service agents that Brandon was insane and might harm others?

He dared to criticize his government.

In a phone interview he had this to say:

I really love America, and I think that idea that you can be detained and sent somewhere without due process and a lawyer…is crazy.

Wake up, America or you’ll be next…



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