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Marco Rubio is No Conservative


The “conservative” senator Marco Rubio on Monday told a whopper to his Tea Party constituents, outright lying to them about the investigation into Obama’s forged birth certificate. Apparently, the RINO Rubio isn’t aware that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, after hundreds of hours of forensic analysis, two major press conferences, and dozens of conferences with local groups, announced that Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate is a computer-generated fraud.

Rubio said he was “aware of Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation”  (as if it had not been completed) and “would be happy to look at the evidence” if Sheriff Arpaio presents it to the public.” Either Rubio is completely clueless and lives in a cave, or he outright lied. Either way, he’s not fit to be considered a “conservative,” let alone identified as aligned with the Tea Party.

In fact, if you remove the “R” after Rubio’s name, his big government policies align with none other than Big Government Barack Obama. His membership in the so-called Gang of Eight and their push for a “common sense” immigration plan is a sham. Not only will it bring amnesty to millions of illegals, but now they are actually pushing for giving them free healthcare. All the while, the United States is completely tapped out with unfunded government programs, pushing us towards the $20 trillion “magic number” of national debt, the point that many experts say is when where our economy will literally implode.

But surely, Rubio doesn’t want to collapse the economy, right? Except his “common sense” immigration bill is projected to cost several trillion dollars—and this doesn’t even include the cost of free healthcare for illegals!

Rubio, you’re no Republican. You’re no conservative. You’re no Tea Party politician. I doubt if you even care about this country.


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