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And that’s where they got into trouble.

When my late father, a card carrying member of the greatest generation, mustered out of the United States Navy as an Electrician’s mate 2nd Class in 1946, he went off to start his career. First, he headed off to the University of Denver to become an electrical engineer. The VA had no problem sending DU a check for his education. Years later, he settled in Peoria, Illinois and bought a house. The VA had no trouble guaranteeing a loan at First Federal Savings and Loan.

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The connecting thread was government money paying for a privately delivered service.

He never used the VA Health Service. Back in those days, healthcare was accessible and affordable. It was not necessary to turn to the VA.

As healthcare has become more expensive, the VA has become a primary care provider of last resort.

All of which should tell us that the Affordable Care Act is anything but.

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It’s about time that we had the leadership in both parties in Washington retreat to their respective corners and come up with a better health care system for ALL Americans that embraces the best of the private sector and provides a safety net from the public sector.

This is one of those peculiar areas where it is NOT all about the money, no matter how much the worst of the private sector wishes it were; nor is it all about political expediency, in spite of the wishes of the left.

Until you can integrate the best part of an incentive–based private healthcare system with the legitimate needs of the nation as a whole, we’re building a system which—just like the VA system—will collapse under its own weight.

The only question is how many Americans will have to die first.

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