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Bottom line, what we have is a very well groomed, articulate, impeccably dressed leader who has, using  primarily his blackness combined with the bludgeon of political correctness, infiltrated our government at its core, and is now undermining our safety and ripping out the heart of our constitutional wiring just as fast as he can. With all the arrogance and spite of a spoiled child, he’s worked dauntlessly in implementing the strategies of the crème de la crème of the dark masters of anti-Americanism. And all but a precious few of the elected under-authority around him are behaving themselves like stupid bystanders at a steaming car wreck. With mouths agape, they stare and shuffle around with their hands in their pockets, looking at the mess and listening for sirens (while collecting elephantine paychecks). They do nothing as our severely injured nation gasps its last and fights its final and most decisive battle. (I thank God for representatives like Trey Gowdy who dare to at least publicly ask embarrassing questions that neither Barry nor his entourage seem to want to answer.)

It was Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (a closet Democrat) who once said, “There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.” And I say in harmony with Vlad’s cocky observation, and applying the commonsense of our original duck analogy, that Obama passes the test on all points:  He looks, walks, acts and talks like a scoundrel. Therefore, I think we’ve seen more than enough evidence and have suffered more than enough damage beneath his autocracy to safely assume that he is indeed one of the very ‘useful’ scoundrels to whom Lenin was referring!

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There’s been more than enough talk and time wasted on second-guessing his motives and just how much more of his destruction and malfeasance we can survive. There is NO SANE REASON in giving any more benefit (margin) to him, because there is certainly nothing more to doubt.


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