Mainstream Media’s Reporting Aids Violence In The Mideast




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At a time when many major cities may soon have no major newspapers, Philadelphia is still blessed with two. One of the beauties of two newspapers is that they serve as a check on each other. For example, when a regular columnist of one of the papers consistently displays moral blindness, intellectual bankruptcy, overarching bias and overpowering stupidity, in a one-newspaper town you have to grin and bear it. But in a two-newspaper town, when a columnist displays the qualities I’ve enumerated above, someone can tell you why and send a message to the other newspaper and the world. (As the readers of this column know, in my heart of hearts I think there would be more beauty in a one-newspaper Philadelphia … provided it was The Bulletin and not The Inquirer.)
So here we go with my explanation of why Trudy Rubin, who regularly writes on the Middle East and foreign policy for The Inquirer, displays all the qualities I’ve enumerated above. That’s just my opinion, and I’ve tried to be kind so I have not given you what might be a more complete enumeration of my opinion.
Let me try to convince you that I’m right with my analysis of Ms. Rubin’s Philadelphia Inquirer column of March 15, titled “Decision Time on the Middle East.” The column addresses three tough decisions that Ms. Rubin says the Obama administration will have to make in the near future on the Israeli/Arab conflict.



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