Mainstream Media: “Propoganda and Fiction”


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    Following the bias in the media has become an interest to me. Each day finds more to cause my uneasiness and fear for what various media outlets are doing to take down America. I found an article from The Bulletin by Herb Denenberg which not only points out what the media is doing with their bias and slanted reporting but also what President Obama is doing with “change that can destroy America.” I share portions of the article here but urge readers to read the entire piece.

… don’t underestimate the damages these papers are doing. The mainstream media was largely responsible for electing Mr. Obama. It has been responsible for covering up his radical policies, radical appointments and endless blunders. If not reversed somehow, the course set by Mr. Obama has the potential to destroy America and the free world. That means America faces three enemies that will destroy us if they get their way: the terrorists, the Obama administration and the mainstream media.

     Add to what Mr. Denenberg has so clearly communicated is information in Liberty AND Tyranny by Mark R. Levin. I did not have to read far into the book to learn how the media is working in partnership with Modern Liberals, which Levin terms ‘Statists.’

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