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According to the definition, they are saying that our troops possess antisocial personality disorders that are manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse. My problem in accepting their rhetoric is that I can’t seem to remember a time when these supposed psychopaths blew up buildings with thousands of innocent civilians, or beheaded anyone on television, or persecuted and vilified women who had been raped.  I must have missed something somewhere because I seem to remember that behavior being manifested in other extremist groups that force their women to wear burkas and strap bombs onto their children.

To be clear, I believe that Bowe Bergdahl deserves his day in court; but the circumstances seem to indicate that at the very least, he is a deserter. And that does not make him honorable or distinctive from a patriotic point of view, but only from a Taliban sympathizer point of view.  At the very best, Bergdahl is a habitual whiner – first whining about the Americans (whom he deserted) and then whining about the Taliban (whom he joined and tried to escape from – ending up in a cage.) Perhaps he found out that they weren’t the Sunday school boys he thought, or perhaps he just is a perpetual whiner.

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We are right to be outraged by such statements, but we would be better of being wise and understanding why these statements were made.  It will take wise and committed patriots to reclaim the nation that has been ravaged by anti-American Taliban/Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers. Wisdom will also require that we not continue down the rabbit hole we have been led down and continue in our delusion that somehow Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum (otherwise known as our House of Representatives and our Senate) can be relied on to do anything but argue. We must also realize that a fictional Calvary will not ride in and rescue us from the dilemma of our own making.

Therefore, it will take the patriots of this nation who can think further down than the nose on their own face to put down their remote controls long enough to see what is happening in the real world.  If they don’t, they are as guilty as the White Rabbit in condemning us to stay imprisoned in this rabbit hole that will absorb all vestiges of what is left of our freedoms.  It will take more than complaining or wishful thinking to get us out of this all-consuming prison; it will take a strong dose of reality mixed with vigilance, commitment, and a whole lot of prayer to get us back on solid ground.  Then maybe God will once again have mercy on America.  If not, start preparing for the worse.

Photo credit: U.S. Embassy New Delhi (Flickr)

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