Obama and Lisa Jackson are successfully shutting down the energy industry in America.

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If you think the first three years of the Obama Administration has been an unmitigated disaster for jobs and the energy independence, you haven’t seen anything yet. If Obama is reelected next November, the war against fossil fuels will become a bloodbath of EPA rules, Executive Orders, and extra-legal edicts – all designed to accomplish one thing: the destruction of our industrialized society.

Once Obama has no worries about campaigning again, he and Lisa Jackson will use dictatorial powers to deal a death blow to coal, natural gas, and oil production in the U.S.

Obama seems determined to stop any fossil fuel production in the U.S., but he’s not opposed to fossil fuel production in countries like Brazil, Saudi Arabia, or Libya. He’s even decided he’ll oppose the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada, presumably because it would benefit American and Canadian citizens by providing real jobs – not fake jobs in tottering “green” industries like solar panel companies.

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Lisa Jackson, of course, is a committed anti-fossil fuel activist whose unrestrained rule-making causes economic ruin every time a new “rule” is issued. As we reported earlier, the Associated Press found that more than 60 coal-fired plants will shut because of her recently announced “mercury” air pollution rule – a rule that accomplishes almost nothing of value. If destroying electricity supplies is the goal, Jackson is being wildly successful.

The next four years of an Obama-Jackson tyranny will be a frightening thing to behold. Fortunately, we still have elections for president every four years. Perhaps voters will choose someone who actually loves America, doesn’t bow to Islamic princes, won’t apologize for our greatness, believes in the free enterprise system, and wants America to be independent of foreign energy sources. That certainly won’t be the current Golfer-In-Chief.

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