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Epic Rant: Mark Levin Just Went Utterly Ballistic On Obama And Valerie Jarrett’s Treatment Of Israel

Mark Levin responded to top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett’s comments...


In a recent rant on his popular radio program, Mark Levin responded to top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett’s comments during a recent CBS interview.

Calling her the “female Che Guevara of the Obama administration,” Levin bristled at Jarrett’s assertion that “Israel absolutely has the right to defend itself.”

He suggested her rhetoric is empty without some evidence that the U.S. actually supports Israel’s mission to combat Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

“Israel doesn’t need permission from you, you jerk, to defend itself,” Levin said. “And it doesn’t need you to go on the air and pretend you give a damn about that country or its people. You got it, Che?”

During the interview, Jarrett told host Norah O’Donnell that America is Israel’s “staunchest ally,” an assertion to which Levin also took exception.

He concluded that, due to the policies of the current administration, Canada now deserves that title. Responding to her suggestion that Obama is a “constructive player” in the ongoing unrest between Palestinians in Gaza and neighboring Israelis, Levin noted that those actually affected by the violence might suggest otherwise.

“I think every side in the Middle East except for the Hamas-holes want Obama to stay the hell out,” he exclaimed.

Nevertheless, he said the administration sends out surrogates to disseminate hollow talking points.

“But there you have Valerie Jarrett announcing – that’s the news – that Israel has the right to defend itself as long as it doesn’t really defend itself.”

He also lambasted the administration’s silence when terrorist organization ISIS “executed 1,400 men in one day, lined them up and shot each one in the back of the head.”

According to Levin, O’Donnell failed to ask her guest about this incident or Hamas using civilians as “sandbags” in Gaza, suggesting it is easier in today’s America to bash Israel and the Jewish people.

“I am sick and tired of these liberal wealthy – I’m saying it as a Jew – Jewish people while this is going on they welcome Obama into their houses,” he said, asserting “liberalism is their faith.”

He concluded that this trajectory unfortunately makes sense, stating that “if your philosophy causes you to hate America, to fundamentally transform the greatest nation on the face of the earth, then of course you’re going to want to fundamentally transform the greatest nation in the Middle East.”

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