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On Saturday, talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh apologized
for calling Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “prostitute” and a
“slut.” In testimony before Congress, she demanded free birth control
prescriptions, noting that without insurance coverage it could cost a
woman $3,000 over three years of law school. Fluke claimed that she
was “embarrassed” at the pharmacy counter when she discovered for “the
first time” that such contraceptives were not included in the
Georgetown health insurance plan.

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It is hard to believe that a professional activist like Fluke did not
know about Georgetown’s insurance plan. She has a long history working
in liberal organizations and is the former President of Law Students
for Reproductive Justice and the former Vice President of the Women’s
Legal Alliance. Her liberal activism is why the 30-year old was
invited by pro-choice Democrats to testify on Capital Hill.
Politically speaking, it is clear that Ms. Fluke is no virgin to the

In making his point that the university should not have to comprise
its religious principles and be mandated by the federal government to
provide contraceptive medication, Limbaugh went overboard in attacking
Ms. Fluke. He admitted that his comments were “inappropriate” and
“uncalled for” and that the personal attacks “distracted from the
point I was actually trying to make.” Sadly, ten of Limbaugh’s major
advertisers have dropped their sponsorship of his show, responding to
threats from liberal special interest groups like Media Matters. These
advertisers were pressured by the forces of political correctness, the
same ones who forced Glenn Beck from the Fox News airwaves last year.

Limbaugh was courageous enough to apologize, unlike his liberal
counterparts. Bill Maher has called Condoleezza Rice, Sarah Palin and
Michele Bachmann much worse without any apologies. His network, HBO,
stands behind his vile commentary no matter how insulting he is to
conservative women. Talk show host Laura Ingraham was called a “slut”
by MSNBC host Ed Schultz and Barbara Walters of “The View” laughed
about the insult. Schultz was suspended, but retained his position and
no sponsors left his program.

While he called Fluke and unnecessarily inserted himself into the
controversy, President Obama never called Ingraham or any of the
conservative women attacked on a regular basis. President Obama is
obviously only concerned about protecting the reputation of liberal

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There is a total double standard in our media environment today. The
politically correct (PC) police are working non-stop to limit the free
speech rights of conservatives while protecting the rights of liberals
to insult any conservative. Groups like Media Matters spend all of
their time taping conservative talk shows in the hopes they can
highlight a mistake and force a host from the air. They want to make
sure the conservative viewpoint is not heard.

In contrast, I believe that all opinions are valid and need to be
heard on the airwaves. On my radio show (Ringside, 7-11 a.m. CST, WGSO
990 AM, I allow a diversity of calls on the air. Unlike
some talk show hosts, I do not prevent controversial views from being
heard. I believe in a free speech forum, where the First Amendment is
celebrated by all types of callers.

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