Libs Condemn “Picture of Diversity”


With Rep. Tim Scott (R) being chosen to succeed longtime Congressman Jim DeMint (R), a black commentator is amused by liberals’ demonization of the new South Carolina senator.

With this week’s appointment by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Rep. Scott is now the first black lawmaker from the former slave state since the late 19th century. So, Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere says one would think liberals would celebrate the selection.

“It is the absolute picture of diversity. You take a black congressman who’s being appointed by an Indian, a lady of … East Indian descent, and she’s a female,” he points out, refering to Gov. Haley.

“Can you imagine what this would be on the left if they were doing it? They would be trumpeting it from the highest mountain peaks that look at how diverse we are.”

But instead of celebrating Scott’s appointment, left-leaning journalists and bloggers are condemning the choice, calling it Republican “tokenism.”

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Photo Credit: Vote Tim Scott 1 (Creative Commons)


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