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After the debacle of the Vietnam War era, the liberal establishment decided that the only way to accomplish the goal of “converting” American opinion was to infiltrate our schools at the level of teacher and administrator to control the student’s degree of learning in institutions of higher education. So the numbers of students majoring in political science and education exploded exponentially over the next couple of decades. One of the principal strategies of the left for the past 40 years has been to control the learning process in America’s public schools. Controlling the content of public education at all levels is how the left is actively transforming Americans into a flock of naive ill-informed, easily-led sheep or as I call them Sheoples. A major component of the dumbing down process is to revise history to suit their goals. Historical revisionism is how liberals revise America’s past to suit their agenda.

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One of the most prolific practitioners of historical revisionism is President Obama. When it suits his purposes to do so, the president will simply make up history that never happened or distort what did happen until it appears to support his agenda. When he speaks to his audience he refers to historical circumstances as if they are indisputable facts, and they are if no one questions them. President Obama’s most infamous act of historical revisionism came when he claimed that not only is America not a Christian nation, it is one of the world’s largest Muslim nations. To make such an absurd statement, Barack Obama had to ignore more than 200 years of historical evidence, evidence that is readily available and clearly contradicts him.

The question that should be in our minds is Why did Obama do that? What was the purpose behind his remarks? Even though we are a decidedly Christian nation with more than 80% of Americans identifying themselves as Christians, and there are more than 56 Million Catholics in the United States not to mention the number of Evangelical and other types of Christians. So even though the facts were staring him straight in the face, Obama insisted on stressing how important the Muslim people were in shaping our country. Why? What he said could be characterized as a lie, but to be generous we say that he misspoke. There were no Muslims of note in this country before 1900. So where did all these Muslims come from? Actually, best guess estimates is that there are fewer than 3 million Muslim citizens in the United States. What else is our government trying to say didn’t happen or happened in a way contrary to the facts. Women should take note of what this government is proposing in many areas of our country. Municipal Progressive Liberal administrations are promoting and allowing Shariah Law in local neighborhoods throughout the country. How does Shariah law affect the average woman? You can ask one if they would dare answer you. History shows that women do not fare well in Muslim societies. Women are treated as property and dealt with in that fashion. If a woman is raped, she must have 3 witnesses to prove it, or she is arrested and prosecuted as a “loose woman” and faces possible stoning.

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