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The odd thing about homosexuality in humans is that it has only survived to the extent it has because it has been so suppressed over the years. Previously, they had children, often to hide their true nature. But now they don’t have to hide and more often than not, don’t have children. I suspect that in the future there will be far fewer gay people than there are now, because they do not breed as much as straights. Whether this is true for bi-sexuals, I don’t know. Some people believe that bisexuality is more of a lifestyle than hard wiring. Only time will tell if that is so.

Another anti-evolutionary idea is tribal diversity. Uncontrolled diversity is a killer to evolution because it washes out the effects of an individual’s genes. This is why tribalism exists. A tribe is generally related much like the wolf-pack. The continued existence of the tribe means the continued existence of the basic genetic makeup of the tribe which means your genes will carry on, even if your offspring do not. Tribalism/racism is a highly evolutionary trait. Hence, the tribe’s need to keep up their population also tended to discourage homosexuality and even made celibacy a crime in many early societies.

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You might then claim that incest should be best, but you would be wrong in that another aspect of evolution is the basic ability for a species to vary so that fitter variants can gain the upper hand and continue the march of evolution under ecological stresses. Close inbreeding cuts down on the tribe’s ability to vary and unmasks bad traits. This is why incest and inbreeding have long been taboo in human society and is generally avoided in wild animals as well. But the in-migration of new genetic material is kept low and controlled. Only fit individuals can usually join another tribe.

Normal evolutionary pressure has been totally fractured within humanity during the past few centuries. Smarter or in some way fitter individuals are discouraged from breeding, while less fit individuals are often encouraged to breed. Now this may be good or bad depending on your point of view, but it is anti-evolutionary.

This is not a new idea. Cyril Kornbluth, in his classic 1950’s science fiction short stories “Little Black Bag”, and “The Marching Morons” covered this idea very well. In them a tiny minority of futuristic super-smart geniuses toiled endlessly to keep alive a vast majority of morons. Are we now breeding future generations of morons?

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