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The political and social strategy of the radicals in Washington is clear:

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* Control the narrative
* Control public opinion
* Control the culture
* Control the vote

* Repeat the pattern until such time that the Country implodes (and/or is severely weakened socially, morally, economically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually).

The easiest way to control the narrative is through the utilization and manipulation of a complicit media to define the issues ‘that matter’ and promote the political ‘solution.’ Achieving such ends is made easier (and more convenient) by creating little slogans or labels and basically beating the community-at-large (consisting of friend, foe, and everyone in between) over the head with it…..repeatedly…..time and time again……at nauseum.

Throw in today’s divided and demoralized social-political climate, a little bit of apathy, and some low voter IQ – and watch a considerable majority of the population blindly respond to the promise (no matter how empty) of a greater future or even a greater present! We are currently witnessing an impenetrable monopoly on the nation as applied by a strongly unified, radically-progressive elite.

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Let’s consider the trendy ‘catchphrases’ used to advance the talking points of the liberal-left. After all, both the agendas and the hypocrisies are easily identified upon close examination – it all depends on your degree of impartiality. Anybody with a shred of decency and common sense will observe a comprehensive unwillingness on the part of the radical left to advance any kind of practical, ethical, or moral decisions/policies for the good of the people.

‘War On Women’ – A label used, most often in relation to mandated healthcare coverage, to disparage conservative efforts to protect employers’ “rights of conscience”, restrict taxpayer- funded abortions, and require women to pay for their own sexual contraception.

The Hypocrisy – Many liberal progressives, including the POTUS, endorse (or remain silent) as women and young girls are repressed, silenced, breaten, raped, murdered, discriminated, insulted, and humiliated in the name of Allah! Which party is really the one complicit in a ‘War on Women’?

‘Marriage Equality’ – A term used to neuter and neutralize efforts to uphold traditional marriage.

The Hypocrisy – So marriage is what based on what???

What we really have here is a purposefully arbitrary failure to actually redefine marriage in any meaningful or consistent way, leaving the door wide open for endless consequence and confusion.

‘Voters Rights’ – The idea that implementing safeguards, in the form of requiring proper ID at election polls, is somehow a racist proposition.

The Hypocrisy – I never understood how the Dems try to connect voter ID to racism – if I was African-American, I would be offended by such perspectives. Are they actually insinuating that African-Americans, and minorities in general, cannot obtain valid ID? That’s a backwards generalization if I ever heard one! Shouldn’t we look to protect one of our most sacred privileges from fraud and corruption?

‘Anti-Immigration’ – A term used to vilify those who seek to uphold current immigration laws against violators and/or those who attempt to do so.

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