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Liberal Stereotyping


If a picture speaks a 1,000 words, liberal Philadelphia Daily News cartoonist Signe Wilkerson has painted us a lifetime of reading about the liberal worldview when it comes to the Second Amendment.  His cartoon of August 17th, syndicated to newspapers throughout the nation, paints gun owners as hateful racists Aryan Nazis.  Talk about liberal stereotyping.

Wilkerson’s point is simple — if someone walks into a gun store with no history of mental illness or criminal activity, the government should be in a position to bar the sale if the purchaser does not “look right.”  Talk about a subjective standard that would never stand up to Constitutional scrutiny.  Would Mr. Wilkerson suggest that an African-American wearing pants drooped over his waistband be stereotyped as a gang member?  Or would Mr. Wilkerson’s standard only apply to whites?

Whatever Mr. Wilkerson and his ilk believe, it is not that the Constitution provides citizens with the right to bear arms. If they did believe in the Second Amendment, they would know that the burden would be on the government to prove the purchaser is not entitled to his or her rights.  Wilkerson is applying the Harry Reid “Romney has to prove he paid his taxes” standard to our Second Amendment rights.

Likewise, conveying an image of a gun purchaser as a Nazi is also problematic.  Millions of Americans purchase firearms legally and never use the gun to break the law.  But once again, liberals are more than willing to caricature gun owners in the most negative stereotype imaginable.

Recently, a gay activist walked into the Family Research Council intending to shoot the staff. What are the odds that Wilkerson would ever redraw his cartoon with a flamboyant gay man purchasing a gun? Mr. Wilkerson, are you suggesting the gun store owner should deny gays the ability to purchase firearms to defend themselves?  It is the only logical conclusion you can draw from Mr. Wilkerson’s worldview.


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