Liberal Media Praises Obama’s speech


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Some very friendly assessments of President Barack Obama’s health care address Wednesday night to a joint session of Congress, most gathered from the quick analysis in the short time between Obama and the Republican response:

♦ MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann hailed it as “a broad and forward thinking speech” with “a touch of greatness.”

♦ On ABC, George Stephanopoulos saw “a pretty remarkable speech” and suggested “this might have been the most emotional speech I’ve seen President Obama give” as “there was even a catch in his voice” because “this is very close to President Obama’s heart.”

♦ Chuck Todd, on NBC, recited how Obama endorsed an insurance mandate for all citizens, “came down pretty strongly for the so-called public option” and proposed paying for it all by “taxing benefits for the wealthiest.” Yet after that liberal litany, Todd insisted the address was “about re-branding the President himself as a centrist and a pragmatist.”

♦ CNN’s Gloria Borger trumpeted how “there was something in there for everybody” before David Gergen lamented Obama’s lost opportunity: “Had he given this speech three months ago, when there was a glow about his presidency, I think he could have swept the country…”

♦ [UPDATE] Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter, during a 11:15 PM EDT edition of MSNBC’s The Ed Show, celebrated: “The great news tonight is this bill is on track for passage. Historic change is coming to the United States.

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