Liberal media bias: Preschool division


by Paul Mulshine, NJ Star Ledger

NJ Star Ledger publishes a blatantly biased front page article

I am not one of those conservatives who goes looking for liberal media bias on every page of the paper, but the Star-Ledger was guilty of offering up a heaping helping thereof on the front page of Tuesday’s newspaper.

It came in the form of that front-page article in which we reprinted a propaganda piece from the National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers.

The institute’s “scientific” study purported to show that preschool education actually saves taxpayers money because children who go to preschool do better in grammar school.
But the reason I put “scientific” in quotes is that to have any validity, any such study would have to have been done by a neutral authority, one that has not prejudged the question of preschool education one way or the other.

That’s not the institute. The institute’s mission statement constitutes an admission of bias:

“The National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) conducts and communicates research to support high quality, effective, early childhood education for all young children.”
What are the chances that the employees of an institute that exists to “support” publicly funded preschool would construct a study that showed anything less than glowing success?

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