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For a conservative, observing the average liberal mind is an exercise in disorientation. In the photo lab of reason, they appear to have gotten only the negatives. Although we believe in civility and dialogue, speaking with a doctrinaire left-winger often proves meaningless unless you intend to write dialogue for Bizarro World. Now, another such moment is upon us. Judging from the liberal media, the newest talking points have apparently gone forward in the bid to bludgeon Middle America into accepting amnesty: The fact that the Obama administration has arrested fewer illegal immigrants than anytime in the last 40 years proves his policies are working, so we must now grant amnesty to all illegal immigrants living in the United States.

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While the mainstream media clearly have an agenda, it is rarely so well illustrated as in a Washington Post story from December 5. “The Border Patrol apprehended 327,577 illegal crossers along the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal year 2011, which ended Sept. 30,” it noted, “numbers not seen since Richard Nixon was president.”

For most Americans, fewer apprehensions would show a deteriorating state of enforcement, rather than rousing success. But not to the experts of the Beltway media. The journalists insist this proves the border is more secure, because fewer illegals are attempting to cross.

The story then abruptly pivots: “Such a steep drop in illegal crossings gives supporters of immigration reform ammunition to argue that now is a good time to tackle the issue.”

Thus is laid bare the liberal agenda: pretend the border is secure, then press for amnesty in an election year.

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As if on cue, a number of other media outlets have advanced the mindless meme. Nathan Pippenger at The New Republic has an article explaining “Why Fewer Arrests Means Better Border Enforcement.” He quotes a report from the Soros-funded Center for American Progress that claims, “in some major sectors,” some Border Patrol agents “believe they are apprehending 80-plus percent of the traffic.” Wow, some agents say they nab 80 percent of illegals in some major sectors somewhere at least some of the time, they think. How reassuring. For TNR the low number of arrests means the border is somehow now “secured.”

The Washington Post was more honest (for once): “the U.S. government has no idea how many are not caught.”

Bear in mind, these unapprehended aliens come to join the 13 million illegal Americans here already — a huge and growing body. The hundreds of thousands of new illegals every year compounds the fact that “Hispanics remain by far the fastest-growing group in the nation,” primarily through a high birthrate of anchor babies.

Although one could hardly think of a more deplorable state of parenthood than having children so they can give you U.S. citizenship, the anchor babies — and their anchor baby mamas — are being glorified in the media, as wel. USA Today just ran a tearjerker of a story insisting, “Deportations Tear Some Families Apart.” It recounts the plight of a deportee who left her children with relatives while she was sent home to Mexico.

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