Liberal Hate Speech


When Sarah Palin made Rahm Emanuel’s expletive-enhanced use of the word “retarded” an embarrassment for him and the president, she forced the left to live up to its own P.C. standards. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

Normally, according to the media elites’ rulebook, when liberals rant, it’s called free speech; when conservatives rant, it is hate speech.

Members of the media elite appear to sincerely believe that liberals are less vitriolic than conservatives, and through repetition they have convinced a large part of the public that this is true. The reason liberals can “rant” without fear of being labeled terrorists is that their “rants” are justified in the eyes of the media elite. Liberals believe that their beliefs are based on the rational analysis of scientific data. Their opponents’ beliefs are based on superstition and prejudice.

This perspective was exemplified by comedian Bill Maher, who explained that “half this country wants to guide our ship of state by a compass. A compass, something that works by science and rationality, and empirical wisdom. And half this country wants to kill a chicken and read the entrails like they used to do in the old Roman Empire.” Opponents of the liberal agenda are frequently described as “racist,”

“unpatriotic,” and “ignorant.” Conservative “rants” are not only incorrect; they are evil. It is therefore not “hateful” to describe opponents for what they are: “ignorant, unpatriotic racists.”

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