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Let’s Support The LAPD Chief


Photo credit: Antonio Villaraigosa (Creative Commons)

The Facebook groupie pages and other disgusting support suspected cop killer Christopher Dorner gets from liberals inspired me to create this petition on Change.org:

Promote Peaceful Police Reform- NOT Rampages!

Its recipient is Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, and its intent is clear: good Americans support our police departments.

There are established internal, external, and populist forms of redress available for citizens with complaints or concerns to lodge.

Nowhere in the above-cited options are crime nor Christopher Dorner’s alleged murderous rampage.

He crossed the line and is now a super thug using skills his government taught him against it, instead of remaining a former police officer and US Naval Reservist with grievances.

Chief Beck can take heart in knowing good Americans nationwide lend him our prayers and very vocal support during this nightmare.

The solution to police brutality (which Dorner claimed against a co-worker) isn’t public brutality against police, their families, and anyone you choose.

Let’s show our support for the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department as a counterpoint to hero worship misguided cynics and cop haters lavish upon this suspect.


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Photo credit: Antonio Villaraigosa (Creative Commons)

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