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Yesterday,  I heard President Obama make a statement that I think the Republicans and Mitt Romney should jump on with all the enthusiasm that they can muster…with a couple of minor additions. Obama has said countless times, as have the Democratic talking heads, that we need to move forward. So how come last night he said we should go BACKWARDS to the Clinton-era tax rates that he claims led to some terrific prosperity. He’s right, but only partly; Obama forgets that the Republican-controlled Congress demanded from Clinton a huge spending cut and a balanced budget!

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Obama hasn’t submitted a budget acceptable by EITHER party in over three years. Obama has rejected any cut or reform in the programs that make up the biggest part of the federal budget. Obama and the Democrats scream bloody murder about touching Medicare and Medicaid; yet Obamacare is effectively going to kill both programs. Yes, Mrs. Pelosi; some of us have READ the bill to see what’s in it. The Supreme Court has ruled that the “mandate” is only constitutional as a TAX! Obama is willing to go BACKWARDS, but only to raise taxes. He is NOT willing to do what Bill Clinton did as President and move to the center of political thought and values.

President Obama is basically admitting that his policies have not worked! Is channeling PART of the Clinton administration going to get us where we were economically back then? The answer is a resounding NO; not without a massive cut in spending and a balanced budget for four years in a row that was accomplished back then. Obama looks at history like some people read books; look at the pictures and skip the parts you don’t like, but this is REAL life, Mr. Obama.

If  Obama is so infatuated with the Clinton success, why did he work so hard to defeat Hillary Clinton for the Democrat nomination for President? He could have just as easily set aside his ambition for a couple of years until he had more legislative experience under his belt. He’s a young man, and the wait would have prepared him for the job that he now holds and can’t handle. I see  the statement that Obama made last night as a man looking for a life jacket to save him from drowning in his economic situation, yet hanging on to the anchor of his Socialist ideology that’s pulling him under. Bill Clinton was smart enough to rethink his position and ended up with a pretty decent economic presidency. Obama should take a lesson from Clinton, but he won’t.

If you will listen closely to what Obama and his Socialist zombies keep repeating over and over again, it’s this talking point: ” We need to get the wealthy to pay their fair share! We have to get those who can afford it to contribute more to take the burden off the backs of the middle class.” The recurring theme for the Socialists (Democrats) is that taxes must be raised in order to continue spending money like drunken sailors on programs that they either will not cut or refuse to reform. Oh yeah, how about having the 50% who pay 0% in taxes pay at least a token amount before you reach into the pocket of those who already pay the lion’s share of the federal revenue?

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