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Let me try and get this straight: Obama and his Administration are attacking Mitt Romney and claiming that, while CEO of Bain Capital, he sent job’s overseas. Obama, as recently as yesterday, refused to apologize for the attacks by his campaign on Romney. At the same time, Bain Capital said that Romney was not at all involved with the company after 1999, when those off shore job placements were apparently made.

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Someone needs to remind Obama that he appointed none other than the CEO of General Electric Jeffery Immelt as his head of his Job Council. Obama also needs to be reminded that Immelt recently closed a company that existed for over 115 years in Waukesha Wisconsin, namely GE X-Ray Division, that employed 120 people. That company will be re-established in China with an additional two billion dollar investement to build new facilities in there, and, without a doubt, the new relocated company will employee Chinese employees (since, in comparison to American labor, they are relatively inexpensive).

Obama’s big new campaign slogan now is “Everyone has to pay their fare share.” Well, he might want to start with his head of his Job Council, Jeffery Immelt. In 2010, General Electric earned $14.2 billion dollars, and GE received a refund of $3.3 billion dollars. They invested $41.8 million in their own in lobbying and political campaign funding. GE paid zero Federal income tax, $9 billion of their earnings came from overseas, know outsourcing and cheap labor; the same thing that Obama is claiming that Mitt Romney did. Although there is absolutely no proof, that Mitt Romney was ever involved in out sourcing in 1999 or at anytime at all, there is all kinds of proof that Obama’s head of his Job Council, Jeffrey Immelt, and his company GE are up to their neck in outsourcing.

The reality is that Obama has nothing positive to run on, so he is reverting to Chicago style politicking: attack your apponnent with anything and everything that you can. Obama and his dysfunctional Administration are under the premise that if they throw enough mud against their apponnent, some of it might stick. GE also shipped most of it’s appliance manufacturing overseas to take advantage of cheap labor. Many other companies have done the exact same thing as well. GM, Ford and Chrysler are all building manufacturing plants in China. GM is opening six hundered dealerships in China. There are many well-known American companies such as Western Digital that manufacture disc drives. They are made in Thailand and sold worldwide. These companies take advantage of cheap labor, as does Apple, and make millions (in Apples case, billions) of dollars from American people. Yet, they invest little, if anything, back into America’s economy, as GE clearly demonstrated by paying zero in Federal taxes, and actually getting back $3.3 billion in a tax refund of dollars.

Obama, the “snake oil” salesman, had better come up with a new story to try and spin to the American people. His “Hope and Change” will no longer work, and his new slogan “Forward” really can’t work either, since he has once again done absolutely nothing positive to show for his three plus years in the office (the office that he was never eligible to hold in the first place).

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