Why This Lesbian Couple Should be Charged With Hate Crimes


It’s bad enough that sexually immoral lifestyles get special treatment, but when they use that special treatment to unjustly accuse others, it really gets my dander up. A prime example is the case of a lesbian couple in Parker, Colorado.

Christel Conklin (29) and Aimee Whitchurch (37) called police last October to report a hate crime. Supposedly, someone had taken red spray paint to their garage door, spelling out ‘Kill the Gay.’ Then the couple notified police the next day that they found a noose hanging on their front door handle.

Since the garage door graffiti seemed to be aimed at the couple’s homosexual lifestyle, the FBI was called in to help the local police find whoever was behind the horrible hate crimes. The couple told the police that some of their neighbors and members of the homeowner’s association had taken issue to the couple not cleaning up after their dog. They suggested that perhaps one of them might be responsible for the crime.

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