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While lecturing at Yale since 1999, Sleeper has alarmingly accessed the young minds of political science undergraduates there to infect them with his biased, personal opinions on “American identity, journalism, liberalism, and democracy.” Wow, good to see Sleeper’s doing his part in indoctrinating the new Bolshevik leaders of tomorrow. Horrifying, really.

Sleeper’s grubby fingerprints also seem stuck to an odd, suspect joint-venture between his Yale University and the National University of Singapore.

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An ardent cheerleader for the urine-soaked Occupy Wall Street mob (read my HuffPo take on OWS here), Sleeper is also involved in the scatological publication Dissent, which is a thinly-veiled, Communist, anarchist rag nobody in their right mind could ever thumb through without having all the proper shots.

The article opens up with a large image of all the wicked, insane lunatics responsible for the Newtown, Virginia Tech, Aurora, and other mass shootings, with which the liberal orthodoxy is so obsessively unhinged and has used to control and manipulate their gun control legislation attempts over recent years. It’s as if they think it’s entirely up to them to save America from gun nuts who are invariably the result of the Left’s civil rights programs shunning and defunding mental health programs. So the very first image I saw gave me a solid idea of what was to come.

Tuscon shooting rampage suspect Jared Lee Loughner ruled not mentally competent to stand trial

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Taking our guns away are only one key activity for Sleeper and Salon. The list is long of the Constitutional rights they want taken away or contradicted through their deceitful legislation. Add to the list of things they love: Abortion, unions, big government, higher taxes, increased entitlements, open borders, a weak military, releasing and being weak on criminals, same-sex marriage, and controverting the entire gamut of American values that built this country. If they could completely remove The Bible from American society, they certainly would and rejoice at that.

Things they hate include just those things: Religion, pro-life beliefs, the sanctity of marriage, the 2nd Amendment, a small federal government, lower taxes and less regulation, free markets, and so on. Obama, Sleeper and Salon are leading the charge for the total annihilation of their political opposition, Conservatives. How American is that?

I read other writers’ work with a keen eye on style, strategy, and the points they are either clearly making or the agenda behind vague points they might make because they are trying to manipulate their readers’ opinions. In the case of Sleeper’s little ode to America on July Fourth (strange birthday gift, no?), it was entirely the latter. But Sleeper’s writing style also made me angry. Like most of Salon’s politically devious drivel, Sleeper has clearly outdone himself with this opportunistic hit-piece.

Using the constant multisyllabic verbiage that Salon has built its reputation upon, Sleeper tries too hard to impress, opening up with an Emerson quote specifically designed to appeal to Leftist readers and pull over readers who may be on the political fence.

Sleeper, however, is inherently dishonest in his writing because he doesn’t further justify whatever political points he’s trying to make (gee, I wonder with that article title), using quotes from Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Gorbachev, Soros, or Leftist darling Saul Alinsky as one would expect. No, that would be too honest and forthright.

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