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Left’s embrace of amnesty results in loss of innocent lives


Ah, the illegal immigrant – a misunderstood soul whose only crime is trying to better his life and the life of his family by doing the jobs “Americans won’t do.” The sometimes brilliant, sometimes frustrating Republican president George W. Bush was fond of that phrase, using it often to defend an immigration policy many on the right felt was insufficient at best.

Saying illegals are only taking positions we ourselves won’t fill sounds both compassionate to the worker and beneficial to our national infrastructure. Upon closer inspection, though, areas with the highest illegal populations almost invariably also experience the highest levels of unemployment. It seems that with a population of Americans doing the jobs Americans will do with all other duties tackled by the beleaguered illegal, these areas would have near full employment but, as with nearly all liberal policies, the results bear no resemblance to projections.

If illegal aliens were actually crossing the U.S. border to seek a better life, though, I could sympathize with their predicament. I would still want our government to enforce the law of the land in order to be fair to those waiting in line on their path to citizenship, but I would at least understand their plight. Obviously, some percentage of illegals are here for exactly that reason, but recent studies have shown that a great number of these international scofflaws are only escalating their criminal pursuits when they get here.

Based on Department of Homeland Security records from 2008 to 2011, about one in six illegals find themselves incarcerated again within three years of an arrest. Of course, if an arrest prompted deportation, they would be re-arrested in their home country instead of taking up space in an overcrowded American jail system being supported by taxpayers already responsible for far more than they should be.

Examples abound of illegals, even some scheduled for deportation after being arrested for violent crimes, committing increasingly more heinous acts while still in America. Five months after his arrest for vehicle theft, an illegal alien was arrested for attempted grand theft. Still incomprehensibly in the U.S. six months after that incident, he was re-arrested for the shooting death of a man whose grandfather he was attempting to rob.

Anyone paying attention should be aware of the rampant violent crime along America’s southern border, which prompted Arizona to enact laws to protect its citizens. Liberal politicians denigrated supporters of the measure, despite the fact that Arizona’s law was basically just a restatement of federal legislation. Unfortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court stymied their initiative, making it impossible for the border state to adequately protect itself from invaders often bent on committing further crimes upon illegal entry into the country.

Until authorities are given the means and permission to deport not only repeat offenders but those merely in the U.S. criminally, there will be no end to this string of personal and property crimes. This country already has enough violent crime from another creation of the liberal mind: Occupy Wall Street.


B. Christopher Agee founded The Informed Conservative in 2011. Follow him on Twitter @bcagee.

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