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Ask yourself this, Mom and Dad.  Would you rather your child smoked a cigarette or engaged in homosex?  Which of your school teaching is worse? The Left wants to separate their behavior from the consequences, no matter how many innocent have to die. Happiness is more important than Life.

The Pursuit of Happiness does not grant one the right to bring death to others.  Abortion and homosex practitioners choose to deny that fact. The science shows that both behaviors result in premature death.


If abortion ended tomorrow, more babies would live.  If sodomy was criminalized tomorrow, more people would live.  The Science supports my position.  But the God-haters love death more than Truth.

If the Science is true, why do they deny it?  If Science is the measure of truth, why do we permit them to lie about it? Live by the science, die by the science.  They can’t have it both ways.


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