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Why do you call them God-haters, Coach?”  Because the Bible calls them that and, in fact, tells us how to identify them.  “All those who hate me love death.

The Bible teaches us that Jesus is the embodiment of Truth.  The American left hates Truth.  It is obvious to anyone with the courage to admit it.  The Democratic Party in America should be called the Party of Death because two of their leading platforms support death if it gets in the way of Pursuit of personal Happiness.

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Abortion kills an unborn baby.  All of the legal linguistics and excuses that the God-haters use supplant the freedom of choice over the unalienable Right to Life.  “Choice” is not an unalienable right.  The God-haters love science and all the “evidence” it can provide to disprove the existence of God; yet they ignore ALL Medical Science, which unquestionably proves that a “fetus” is a life.

But that doesn’t matter; it is hedonistic-happiness that is paramount to the children of Lucifer…even to the denial of what is obvious to everyone.  They admit that a fetus is “alive,” but that it is not “viable” or “self-aware” or “unable to live on its own.” Funny, isn’t it?  That is the same position that the Left is taking in regards to the aged…because the Left loves death.

There is an indisputable link between abortion and breast cancer, but good luck getting the breast cancer deniers to trumpet that science.  Breast cancer kills women.  The truth should matter, but it takes a back seat to the “choice” to end a baby’s inalienable Right to Life. But why muddy the water?  Pursuit of Happiness trumps Life in the Left’s hierarchy of Rights.

Homosexuality is a “death-style”; it is not a life-style.  Once again, the God-haters deny the health consequences of what homosexual acts do to the body and focus all of their attention on their “right” to pursue their own version of happiness.  Sit down now.  I am about to say what others are too PC to say.

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Homosexual acts are detrimental to both personal and public health.  Treatment for many sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, casts a catastrophic financial burden on the public health system.  AIDS, which is an “acquired” ailment, is a direct result of homosexual activity.  Although it can be contacted through heterosexual behavior, most cases are “acquired” by men having sex with men.

The Science is clear.  Here is a government website on AIDS.  I report, you decide.  Here’s another one that shows the leading cause of HIV infection is homosex.  No biggie.  The Left just denies the science.  The Pursuit of Happiness trumps health…and eventually Life. Climate change deniers cannot hold a candle to homosex deniers.

Help me out here…can someone tell me why our schools spend so much time teaching our kids the dangers of smoking while we laud and encourage a far more lethal behavior of male-on-male anal sex?  Smoking a Marlboro is bad, but sodomizing the Marlboro Man is worse. Thousands of innocent people around the world have gotten HIV by accident.  The AIDS virus is the sexual equivalent of second-hand smoke.  The Left denies and lies about any science that doesn’t fit their agenda. If you disagree with their interpretation of science, you are intolerant, bigoted, and homo-phobic.

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