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Burk correctly concludes:

These Leftist groups are pursuing a zero-sum strategy against religious groups and individuals. They have declared an all-out culture war and will offer no quarter to sincere religious dissenters. They are ready to use the coercive power of the state to trample the religious consciences of their countrymen. This is radical and chilling.

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If you’re a Democrat who takes your faith seriously, and you think guys like Burk and I are taking fringe elements of your party too seriously, consider the fact that the Democrat majority in the U.S. Senate has “fast-tracked” legislation that would seek to undo the Hobby Lobby opinion. The bill would demand that a company pay for abortifacients and baby-murder as Obamacare originally demanded.

Elected Democrats in the U.S. Senate are not the fringe of their party. They are the party. This is who this party has become.

The decades-long right-of-center/left-of-center argument we’ve had since the New Deal about just how much government should be used to even the odds for the little guy is over now. When Democrat Zell Miller got up and spoke at the 2004 Republican National Convention, that was symbolically the end of the old Democrat Party. A party that once claimed to represent the values of working-class and middle-class Americans, as well as ethnic and racial minorities, who believed they needed a check-and-balance against corporatism.

The generation of Democrats who gave us the Religious Freedom Restoration Act 20 years ago, which the Supreme Court used as the basis for its ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby, is mostly gone now, replaced by what David Horowitz calls “the New Left.” This “New Left” is not mere liberals. They are flat-out Leftists. They don’t want to grow government as much as they want to change it. They are Social Reconstructionists, whose goal is to empower government to replace our Judeo-Christian ideals of liberty and morality with what amounts to Cultural Marxism.

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And they won’t stop until the American Exceptionalism they either don’t understand or loathe is eradicated once and for all. That’s why their ultimate goal is silencing the church, as all tyrants in history have tried to do, because the church has always been the obstacle to statism in a culture. For the church says that God alone is God, and government is not. Not to mention with God out of the way, so are your God-given rights, which makes you a de facto ward of the state and not a free person. As Chesterton once said, “whenever the government removes the god, the government then becomes the god.”

You can’t share a culture with people who won’t share it with you. There is no negotiating with these people. You can only convert or defeat them.

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