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What if the Republicans and Democrats really were playing on the same team? What if Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly were false opposition employed to quell the masses?

What if the Kazar and Ashkenazi Jews really did control the media and the financial system?  What if most modern Jews had no bloodline connection to Jesus?

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What if the there really was no law that required the citizens to pay income taxes?   What if the Federal Reserve and the bankers were corrupt and in collusion against the people?  What if the stock market was rigged?

What if God is enraged and the Devil was laughing?  What if the Separation between Church and State was a creation of the courts?  What if decisions by our courts did not create new laws but were merely opinions about the law?

What if Supreme Court rulings carried no legal weight other than to encourage the Congress to re-write laws that violated the Constitution?

What if an unborn baby was a person?  What if homosexuality was a learned behavior?  What if “Science” is biased?  What if money could influence results?

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What if “climate change” was a scientific fraud designed to control the lives of Americans?  What if the authorities have no rightful authority?

What if the FEMA camps were real and operational?  Why?  Who are they for?

What if your pastor was afraid to speak the Truth for fear of government retribution?  What if his theology was wrong?  What if YOURS was?

What if the voting machines were hacked?  What if your vote was changed?  What if illegal and dead voters voted?  What if the candidates were selected and not elected?

What if the return of the Nephilim was actually occurring?    What if UFOs were actually invaders from a demonic realm?

What if gold and silver was really true money and paper was…well…paper?

What if Jesus is coming soon?  What if He isn’t?  What if the rapture is real?  What if it isn’t?  What if you are right and I am wrong? What if I am right?  What if we have all been lied to? What if the Truth is the only thing that can set us free?  What if Truth is a person?  What if you don’t know Him?

What are the odds that ALL of the above are merely conspiracy theories?  Question Authority.

“The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed…”   Psalm 2:2
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