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Watch: Jesse Jackson Is Left SPEECHLESS After Black Ferguson Protester Calls Him Out In Epic Rant

"When you gonna stop selling us out, Jesse?"


As he attempts to leave a fast food restaurant near the scene of a Ferguson, Mo. police shooting that sparked riots and looting across the St. Louis area, Jesse Jackson was stopped by at least two protesters criticizing his ostensible leadership within the black community.

“Are you here to support us?” one man asked in the filmed interaction. “We haven’t seen you.”

Though Jackson sat quietly during most of the incident, when he attempted to address the concerns, he was immediately cut off.

After asking the cameraman to wait, he responded, “Ain’t no wait a minute, brother — this is real!”

The activists addressed Jackson’s apparent disinterest in being directly involved in the protests, suggesting that he is more interested in his own causes.

“We haven’t seen you marching at all,” the protester chided. “When you gonna stop selling us out, Jesse?”

He concluded that Jackson is “not even a brother” and that, unless he intends to “pay the bond of those brothers that’s been locked up,” he can “keep moving.”


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