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His answer was disappointing.  Essentially, he said that he doesn’t get to decide which laws he will enforce.  He just does his job, which I take to mean he will do whatever the legislature says–even though it violates the law. Perhaps the greatest threat to liberty today in America is the fact that, almost without exception, those who are charged with law enforcement don’t have any idea what the law actually is.  They do not know the difference between “law” and “pretended legislation.”

You see, unless and until Sheriff Bateman is able to perceive what law is and what law is NOT, he is not really qualified to do the job.  In fact, his lack of understanding what our founders understood means he is not capable of defending and protecting our rights because he doesn’t actually know what our rights are, or where they come from.

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Now, here’s some good news.  There is an organization dedicated to correcting this problem among sheriffs across America.  It is called the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA).  It was founded by former Graham County, Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, who, among other things, took on the Clinton Administration when it tried to enforce a piece of “pretended legislation” known as the Brady Bill.

Sheriff Mack prevailed against the gun-grabbing Clintons in the Supreme Court, and he has written several books including “The County Sheriff, America’s Last Hope.”  I am sending this book to my Sheriff, Anne Arundel County Sheriff Bateman; and I am humbly asking him to give his attention to a proper, moral, legal understanding of his oath of office and the difference between “law” and “pretended legislation.”  I am also asking everyone in America to get and read Sheriff Mack’s book and to share it with your own Sheriff.  I am also suggesting that you join and support the CSPOA.

I believe Sheriff Mack is right when he says that America’s Sheriffs are our last hope. We need to elect and support sheriffs who stand against “pretended legislation,” not those who blindly enforce it.

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