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Accordingly, I am asking my friends across the country–people who share my vision that one of America’s greatest needs is the need to establish non-501c3 churches and help raise up patriot pulpits–to help me. Please understand, too, that I will not become a perpetual pleader for the Liberty Church Project. I believe if God wants this project to launch, He will touch the hearts of those who are willing and able to give. If He does not touch hearts, and the support does not come in–and come in quickly–I will gladly accept that as His will and shelve the idea. But, the cries of the people, and the cry of my own heart, force me to try.

In order to launch the Liberty Church Project, I need $100,000.00. One family, who has been praying with me about this project, has already donated $20,000.00 to help LCP get off the ground. That means I need $80,000.00 from the readers of this column. A donation of $5,000 could be considered a sponsorship of one trip that will help to start a new non-501c3 church or Christian fellowship.

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Once it becomes obvious that enough support is being given, and we can launch the project, we will activate the online application form so people who want to start liberty churches can begin applying.

The Liberty Church Project website is here. 

If God touches your heart to support this project, you can donate online with a credit card. Or, you can send a check or money order to:

Liberty Church Project
P.O. Box 610
Kila, Montana 59920

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I remind you that donations to the Liberty Church Project are NOT tax-deductible. As with Liberty Fellowship, I do not seek 501c3 government status or State non-profit incorporation for the Liberty Church Project.

I certainly understand the magnitude of the funds I am requesting. I also understand the magnitude of the task I am willing to undertake. But I am His servant. God led me and my family to move 2,600 miles to the Flathead Valley of Montana for a reason. Liberty Fellowship, a non-501c3 unincorporated church fellowship, is a major part of that reason. And the livestream messages that are watched by thousands of people across the country are a major part of that reason. And while I have the strength and health and time, I am making myself available to the Lord and to the Lord’s people across America via the Liberty Church Project. Perhaps we are all here “for such a time as this.”

Just to also let you in on some of my thought processes: over the last six months or so, I had many people in Montana (and from around the country) plead with me to run for high public office. I prayed hard about that. As I prayed, this project was also burning in my heart. I finally decided that the Liberty Church Project was a higher priority and more significant endeavor than running for (and maybe even winning) public office.

What could happen in the future if, somehow, God could use us (and I can’t do this without you) to help establish dozens and scores of liberty churches–with patriot pastors at the helm–all over the country? Who knows but what the seed we are planting now will blossom into hundreds and thousands of patriot pastors and liberty churches influencing the future course of our nation for years to come?

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