Larry King’s Replacement, Piers Morgan: Obama’s Restored U.S. Reputation


The man named by CNN to replace Larry King as its main primetime interviewer — British tabloid veteran Piers Morgan — says one of the people he’d like to talk with is President Obama.

In an exclusive morning TV interview, Morgan wouldn’t tell “Early Show” special contributor Amanda Holden who his first guest will be, but he did share a short list of people he’d like to get in front of the cameras – and Mr. Obama’s on the list.

“I’d love to (interview) President Obama,” said Morgan. “I like what he’s done for the reputation of America abroad, which I’m not sure many Americans fully understand. But he has restored the reputation of America, in my view, hugely.”

Morgan says Mr. Obama’s not the only president he’d like to interview. “Bill Clinton (is) another one. One of the most charismatic people I’ve ever seen.”

Also on his list: Mel Gibson. “What a story he’s got to tell!” Morgan commented.

He’s slated to start his new gig in January. King’s last night hosting “Larry King Live” is scheduled for Dec. 16.

Morgan, best-known in the U.S. as a judge on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” told Holden that King is “one of my heroes. And what I loved about the show always was that he could (interview) a president one minute and Paris Hilton the next, and be equally comfortable. And there aren’t many people who can do that.”

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