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It’s not looking good in terms of this thuggish administration laying off them anytime soon; and therefore, it will be up to us, sound and stout-of-heart Americans to protect them. We can do this. We can do it by coming down like a ton of bricks on the kingpins of dishonest media (NY Times, MSNBC, CNN, and the others) like a ton of bricks. Don’t watch and don’t read them. Boycott. Advertisers who pay their freight will flee them. And, they will eventually slink back into the primordial, dishonest ooze from whence they came.

The bottom line is that desertion/defection/collaboration is very much discouraged in America and always has been. It was no less than Founding Father/General George Washington, who when he was fighting to create America, first installed these core principals into military law.

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“To misbehaving soldiers, Washington showed little mercy. In his first service, he had deserters and plunderers ‘flogged,’ and threatened that if he could ‘lay hands’ on one particular culprit, ‘I would try the effect of 1000 lashes.’ At another time, he had ‘a Gallows near 40 feet high erected (which has terrified the rest exceedingly) and I am determined if I can be justified in the proceeding, to hang two or three on it, as an example to others.’” (From “The True George Washington”–Soldier)

And why should Washington show a little mercy? He was fighting for the establishment of America, a country now called or decried not as the greatest country this world has ever seen. He would’ve been hanged if he failed, as would Jefferson, Franklin, Hamilton, Madison, and all the other great American “rabble-rousers.” Thank God for those rabble-rousers in particular because without them, we would not be enjoying the finest civilization ever to exist.

Our First Founding Father was also, I hasten to add, fighting in the most crucial, most vital and decisive conflagration, the Battle of Valley Forge, in the bitter winter of 1777-1778, with men who had no shoes, socks, or weaponry (much less food.) From a Washington letter to Congress: “… the fortitude — the long, & great suffering of this army is unexampled in history; but there is an end to all things & I fear we are very near to this. Which, more than probably will oblige me to stick very close to my flock this winter, & try like a careful physician, to prevent, if possible, the disorders getting to an incurable height.”

Washington clearly recognized the importance of real men, real patriots fighting and continuing to fight for the American ideal. He knew that to countenance cowards who would run away from a battle for survival of flag and country would be to fight in vain and fail to stand up for principles. It was imperative to the existence of all Americans today that Washington win this battle and go on to found, build, and constitutionalize America as we know it today.

And that, dear reader, is why the Bergdahl mess must be reversed toward justice for Bergdahl. And, we must target the five released terrorists for drone strikes or covert elimination. If our President hasn’t the gumption, then hopefully Israel’s Mossad will get them. Whatever the course of action, Americans want it reversed. People who love freedom and hate terrorism all over the world want it reversed. And perhaps most importantly of all, George Washington would want it reversed.

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