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In a shining example of how the Leftist media in our country tries to spin, deceive, and conjure up a silver lining in even the worst atrocities our government can create, The Daily Beast wrote a piece custom-designed to exculpate the Obama decision to transact this trade and thwart justifiable American public’ efforts to investigate and then prosecute Bergdahl as a defector and collaborator. And it was for a 94-year old survivor of the war and eyewitness to Slovik’s execution, for whom the publication must’ve searched high and low relentlessly.

Featuring the unintelligibly demented, surreal sub-head, “Pvt. Eddie Slovik was the bravest soldier that one World War II veteran says he ever encountered. A witness to his execution speaks,” I could find no possible rationale for the writing of such an article, other than to deceptively manipulate a reversal to this growing tidal-wave of anti-Obama sentiment currently threatening this White House and the hydra-headed plethora of government agencies doing its bidding and controlling, then curtailing American liberties. The scandals just keep coming at us, while the media struggles to rewrite the revisionist histories of each one in time to begin the same mind-control games on their dumbed-down audiences with the next Obama desecration.

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Hollywood, of course, contributed a made-for-TV movie, “The Execution of Private Slovik,” which was similarly trying to wrong-headedly position Slovik as some kind of folk hero who was wrongly condemned and executed by a runaway Conservative general. I would call this cinematic attempt at public-opinion influence pure poppycock if the bigger systematic, Leftist media influence were not such a danger and omnipresent threat to America’s continuing existence.

Now, I’m not comparing Slovik to Bergdahl; I’m directly stating that Bergdahl was much worse than Slovik. At least, thankfully, Slovik didn’t have the guts to run to the enemy, betray American positions, and get American troops killed. Slovik only ran away in the opposite direction of the forward battle lines because he was a coward. Bergdahl ran toward the front lines, crossing them and then, much worse, collaborated with the Taliban.

It is this same dishonest and America-hating media, with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd leading the grimy way, which was quickly calling the brave soldiers who remained fighting and died looking for this war criminal Bergdahl “liars” and stated they were “swift-boating.” In a cowardly coordinated effort, an Obama official has issued a steady steam of treacherous tweets calling Bergdahl’s accusers “psychopaths,” and delving deep into their supposedly substandard training and conduct during the time Bergdahl defected. Suspiciously, the Obama’ State Department featured the ever-smarmy Marie Harf denying a White House source told Chuck Todd about the “swift-boating” claim. “Smokescreen” and “smear campaign” are not good enough words for this runaway media barbarism.

Oddly, but with the applause of real, smart Americans, Chris Matthews broke ranks with his MSNBC employer, Obama-mouthpiece Chuck Todd, and the Obama administration to state his disagreement with that “swift-boating” slander.

These brave Americans, speaking out with their truths about Bergdahl, have been smeared and threatened in just the few weeks since the Traitor Trade. What lies in store for them?

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