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“The terrorists wanted us to think he was being held as a prisoner and tortured so we would keep looking for him and they could keep killing us. How the hell could the President do this to us? There’s more than one traitor to America involved here.” –Ron

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“Bergdahl’s father seemed as crazy to us as his son. But all the Muslim symbolisms and sympathizing and the underlying hatred of America, makes him as much of a traitor to us who are serving too.” –Pentagon official


“Bergdahl deserted his platoon to fulfill what may turn out to be a family-concocted book-deal plan to undermine the mission of American troops in Afghanistan. His recorded words and those of his father indicate their sympathies to those Islamists we are fighting. PFC Bergdahl’s fuzzy, feel-good airs and mysterious conversations may well have been contrived to justify and camouflage his true intent to desert his post and go over to the enemy.” –Russ Vaughn, The American Thinker, “Treason Trifecta: Bergdahl is a Deserter, Defector, and a Collaborator,” June 4, 2014

“These men, Berdahl and his father, have done more to undermine and demoralize American troops than anyone since Mata Hari and Tokyo Rose.” –Pentagon official

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“All the lies and misinformation about Bergdahl being a ‘POW’ and being ‘captured’ helped get more American soldiers killed. I mean billboards? Really? Give me a break.” –Pentagon official


“After what he did to us … by walking away and all the soldiers killed in looking for him, we didn’t want him back. It got to the point where if we had found him, we wanted him court-martialed and if convicted sentenced to life. Or executed as a traitor during wartime.” –Ron

“PFC Bergdahl’s premeditated acts of desertion, defection, and collaboration with the enemy resulted in the deaths of several American soldiers.  For that, he must pay – if not with his life, which existing law permits, then with lifetime incarceration at Fort Leavenworth.” –Russ Vaughn, The American Thinker, “Treason Trifecta: Bergdahl is a Deserter, Defector, and a Collaborator,” June 4, 2014

“Let’s say he was insane when he defected. That still doesn’t exonerate him or allow him an insanity defense now that he’s coming back. In our training, we were all told frequently what happened to those who deserted–cowards, or worse, defected–traitors. We were all having a tough time emotionally and psychologically, but we dug deep and found the courage to stay and fight for America. Whatever it was inside Bergdahl that had him defecting and helping to kill us fellow Americans, is not OK. He needs to be tried and executed just like Eisenhower did to traitor soldiers in World War II.” –Jimmy

Jimmy was quite right about what Ike did to just one soldier who deserted. On October 9, 1944, petty criminal and lifelong coward Pvt. Eddie Slovik deserted his Army unit fighting in France, saying he was “too scared” and “had his mind made up.” It’s a good thing he was so certain, as these momentous actions of cowardice on his part led ultimately to his execution strapped to a post, in a uniform stripped of its patches and army blanket over his shoulders on January 31, 1945.

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