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Exclusive: Knowing Bergdahl, Part Two – “Bergdahl Didn’t Just Desert; He Collaborated With The Enemy”

Part 2 of a 5-part exclusive, behind the scenes look at Bowe Bergdahl.


Editor’s note: In case you missed it, read part 1 here.

Author’s note: As much as possible, I have refrained from editorializing and let these compelling quotes speak for themselves.

“This man Bergdahl, ran away under cover of night and deserted his fellow soldiers on the battlefield. Then to make matters much, much worse, he actively sought out the Taliban enemy by asking for them by name and found them. This resulted in the war deaths of other American forces. That is the definition of other words such as defection and treason. We knew the facts at the Pentagon but came under intense pressure from the Secretary of Defense and the White House. They wanted to silence us.” –Pentagon official

“He’s not a hero in any sense of the word.” –Jimmy


“For the love of God, this is important; Bergdahl walked off base with several Afghanis. What more do we need to know? How can this White House lie and deceive the American people about this?” – Pentagon official


“We are all demanding he be tried as a traitor who committed treason and helped the enemy kill more of us Americans.” –Ron

“Would you call it ‘walking away from his post’ or ‘being captured’ or even ‘desertion?’ When Bergdahl was clearly planning, conspiring and plotting his defection to the enemy on the battlefield?” –Jimmy

“Notice that I do not use the term ‘POW’ for the simple reason Bergdahl disgraces that description of his captivity.  He is a wartime collaborator, or more precisely, a collaborationist, the term applied to treasonous soldiers who defected to the enemy in earlier wars. And apprehended is the correct term to apply to a deserter/defector now back under U.S. Army control in Germany.” –Russ Vaughn, The American Thinker, “Treason Trifecta: Bergdahl is a Deserter, Defector, and a Collaborator,” June 4, 2014

“Now that he’s coming back to America from helping the enemy kill more of our guys, we’re all afraid that he’s going to claim some kind of insanity defense to escape justice for what he did. While he was certainly crazy; all the same, he defected, took off his uniform, left his post and weapon behind and should be tried then if found guilty, executed for defecting and collaborating with the enemy during wartime and being responsible for killing American soldiers.” –Ron

“The comms (communications radios) started really exploding within minutes of his DUSTWIN alert (duty status: whereabouts unknown) and everything we were hearing was that he was on a mission to find English-speaking Taliban commanders to defect. Understand, a deserter is a coward who’s afraid of fighting and runs away in the other direction from the enemy. Bergdahl was running toward the Taliban asking for them.” –Jimmy

“The first step for the Taliban, was to start releasing photos of Bergdahl in ‘capitivity,’ so blindfolded and looking as if he was being held against his will. They thought it would be best strategically if we thought he was kidnapped; that he was being held against his will and not giving crucial troop info to them. But they were lying in order to keep us in the dark, so they could kill more Americans, who they knew would be looking for Bergdahl.” –Pentagon official


“Understand, we at the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies and the highest levels of our government knew—absolutely knew—that Bergdahl was being treated like a VIP by his collaborators. Shortly after defecting, he starts whining about missing his family and America … (then yelling) WELL HE SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE BETRAYING HIS FELLOW SOLDIERS AND AMERICA. Then we see him giving the Taliban treasonous video messages to demoralize our soldiers about ‘you have the power to make our government bring them (the troops) home. Please, please bring them home.’ This is called Treason and is punishable by death.”– Pentagon official

“The US military and related intelligence communities knew that Bergdahl was collaborating with the Taliban. If you look at the photos of Bergdahl while he was supposedly ‘in captivity,’ you’ll see a man in comfortable clothing, eating well and looking as if he’s very much enjoying his time with our enemies. For pete’s sake, he’s even got a pen in his shirt pocket in one photo, looking as if he’s a reporter or something.” –Pentagon official


“Other pictures show him in front of very comfy looking backdrops and certainly not the masked, armed terrorist photos we’re used to seeing with their knives at his throat.” –Pentagon official


“The Pentagon has known for a long time now, that Bergdahl was not being ‘held’ by the Taliban but being used very effectively by them. He was a willing pawn in their efforts to kill as many Americans as they could and get the USA out of Afghanistan.” –Pentagon official

“There has been a concerted effort of disinformation by this White House for years now, virtually since 2009, to falsely portray Bergdahl as some kind of POW that needed to be brought home and rescued. It’s all a big lie. The news media helped the administration by putting out an onslaught of little sound bites and interviews about Bergdahl featuring his parents, friends and spokesmen. It despicable and traitorous to lie to the American people and get our soldiers killed.” –Pentagon official

“Most of the lies in the media over the years, have shown Bergdahl wearing funny, little Pashtun hats and well-dressed, enjoying great food and even being hand-fed. Dammit! It was obvious he was collaborating with our enemy. Why is it Americans would fall for this Bravo Sierra (BS)?” –Jimmy

“During his years of supposed ‘captivity,’ our intelligence services have been very aware they’ve been consistently spoon-fed disinformation by the terrorists that Bergdahl has been in ‘metal cages,’ ‘beaten’ ‘held all alone for years in a cell’ and ‘tried to escape’ numerous times. This is all not true. We know this is simply the enemy trying to mislead us by threading in this nonsense about how he was mistreated to make it easier for Bergdahl to ‘reintegrate’ back into America and come home after consorting with our enemies and getting our soldiers killed. The terrorists don’t want it to become known about the level of collaboration of Bergdahl. It’s not to be believed and we don’t. Of course, the White House knows it’s not true, but sadly, they’re deceiving Americans about this.” –Pentagon official


“The terrorists wanted us to think he was being held as a prisoner and tortured so we would keep looking for him and they could keep killing us. How the hell could the President do this to us? There’s more than one traitor to America involved here.” –Ron

“Bergdahl’s father seemed as crazy to us as his son. But all the Muslim symbolisms and sympathizing and the underlying hatred of America, makes him as much of a traitor to us who are serving too.” –Pentagon official


“Bergdahl deserted his platoon to fulfill what may turn out to be a family-concocted book-deal plan to undermine the mission of American troops in Afghanistan. His recorded words and those of his father indicate their sympathies to those Islamists we are fighting. PFC Bergdahl’s fuzzy, feel-good airs and mysterious conversations may well have been contrived to justify and camouflage his true intent to desert his post and go over to the enemy.” –Russ Vaughn, The American Thinker, “Treason Trifecta: Bergdahl is a Deserter, Defector, and a Collaborator,” June 4, 2014

“These men, Berdahl and his father, have done more to undermine and demoralize American troops than anyone since Mata Hari and Tokyo Rose.” –Pentagon official

“All the lies and misinformation about Bergdahl being a ‘POW’ and being ‘captured’ helped get more American soldiers killed. I mean billboards? Really? Give me a break.” –Pentagon official


“After what he did to us … by walking away and all the soldiers killed in looking for him, we didn’t want him back. It got to the point where if we had found him, we wanted him court-martialed and if convicted sentenced to life. Or executed as a traitor during wartime.” –Ron

“PFC Bergdahl’s premeditated acts of desertion, defection, and collaboration with the enemy resulted in the deaths of several American soldiers.  For that, he must pay – if not with his life, which existing law permits, then with lifetime incarceration at Fort Leavenworth.” –Russ Vaughn, The American Thinker, “Treason Trifecta: Bergdahl is a Deserter, Defector, and a Collaborator,” June 4, 2014

“Let’s say he was insane when he defected. That still doesn’t exonerate him or allow him an insanity defense now that he’s coming back. In our training, we were all told frequently what happened to those who deserted–cowards, or worse, defected–traitors. We were all having a tough time emotionally and psychologically, but we dug deep and found the courage to stay and fight for America. Whatever it was inside Bergdahl that had him defecting and helping to kill us fellow Americans, is not OK. He needs to be tried and executed just like Eisenhower did to traitor soldiers in World War II.” –Jimmy

Jimmy was quite right about what Ike did to just one soldier who deserted. On October 9, 1944, petty criminal and lifelong coward Pvt. Eddie Slovik deserted his Army unit fighting in France, saying he was “too scared” and “had his mind made up.” It’s a good thing he was so certain, as these momentous actions of cowardice on his part led ultimately to his execution strapped to a post, in a uniform stripped of its patches and army blanket over his shoulders on January 31, 1945.

In a shining example of how the Leftist media in our country tries to spin, deceive, and conjure up a silver lining in even the worst atrocities our government can create, The Daily Beast wrote a piece custom-designed to exculpate the Obama decision to transact this trade and thwart justifiable American public’ efforts to investigate and then prosecute Bergdahl as a defector and collaborator. And it was for a 94-year old survivor of the war and eyewitness to Slovik’s execution, for whom the publication must’ve searched high and low relentlessly.

Featuring the unintelligibly demented, surreal sub-head, “Pvt. Eddie Slovik was the bravest soldier that one World War II veteran says he ever encountered. A witness to his execution speaks,” I could find no possible rationale for the writing of such an article, other than to deceptively manipulate a reversal to this growing tidal-wave of anti-Obama sentiment currently threatening this White House and the hydra-headed plethora of government agencies doing its bidding and controlling, then curtailing American liberties. The scandals just keep coming at us, while the media struggles to rewrite the revisionist histories of each one in time to begin the same mind-control games on their dumbed-down audiences with the next Obama desecration.

Hollywood, of course, contributed a made-for-TV movie, “The Execution of Private Slovik,” which was similarly trying to wrong-headedly position Slovik as some kind of folk hero who was wrongly condemned and executed by a runaway Conservative general. I would call this cinematic attempt at public-opinion influence pure poppycock if the bigger systematic, Leftist media influence were not such a danger and omnipresent threat to America’s continuing existence.

Now, I’m not comparing Slovik to Bergdahl; I’m directly stating that Bergdahl was much worse than Slovik. At least, thankfully, Slovik didn’t have the guts to run to the enemy, betray American positions, and get American troops killed. Slovik only ran away in the opposite direction of the forward battle lines because he was a coward. Bergdahl ran toward the front lines, crossing them and then, much worse, collaborated with the Taliban.

It is this same dishonest and America-hating media, with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd leading the grimy way, which was quickly calling the brave soldiers who remained fighting and died looking for this war criminal Bergdahl “liars” and stated they were “swift-boating.” In a cowardly coordinated effort, an Obama official has issued a steady steam of treacherous tweets calling Bergdahl’s accusers “psychopaths,” and delving deep into their supposedly substandard training and conduct during the time Bergdahl defected. Suspiciously, the Obama’ State Department featured the ever-smarmy Marie Harf denying a White House source told Chuck Todd about the “swift-boating” claim. “Smokescreen” and “smear campaign” are not good enough words for this runaway media barbarism.

Oddly, but with the applause of real, smart Americans, Chris Matthews broke ranks with his MSNBC employer, Obama-mouthpiece Chuck Todd, and the Obama administration to state his disagreement with that “swift-boating” slander.

These brave Americans, speaking out with their truths about Bergdahl, have been smeared and threatened in just the few weeks since the Traitor Trade. What lies in store for them?

It’s not looking good in terms of this thuggish administration laying off them anytime soon; and therefore, it will be up to us, sound and stout-of-heart Americans to protect them. We can do this. We can do it by coming down like a ton of bricks on the kingpins of dishonest media (NY Times, MSNBC, CNN, and the others) like a ton of bricks. Don’t watch and don’t read them. Boycott. Advertisers who pay their freight will flee them. And, they will eventually slink back into the primordial, dishonest ooze from whence they came.

The bottom line is that desertion/defection/collaboration is very much discouraged in America and always has been. It was no less than Founding Father/General George Washington, who when he was fighting to create America, first installed these core principals into military law.

“To misbehaving soldiers, Washington showed little mercy. In his first service, he had deserters and plunderers ‘flogged,’ and threatened that if he could ‘lay hands’ on one particular culprit, ‘I would try the effect of 1000 lashes.’ At another time, he had ‘a Gallows near 40 feet high erected (which has terrified the rest exceedingly) and I am determined if I can be justified in the proceeding, to hang two or three on it, as an example to others.’” (From “The True George Washington”–Soldier)

And why should Washington show a little mercy? He was fighting for the establishment of America, a country now called or decried not as the greatest country this world has ever seen. He would’ve been hanged if he failed, as would Jefferson, Franklin, Hamilton, Madison, and all the other great American “rabble-rousers.” Thank God for those rabble-rousers in particular because without them, we would not be enjoying the finest civilization ever to exist.

Our First Founding Father was also, I hasten to add, fighting in the most crucial, most vital and decisive conflagration, the Battle of Valley Forge, in the bitter winter of 1777-1778, with men who had no shoes, socks, or weaponry (much less food.) From a Washington letter to Congress: “… the fortitude — the long, & great suffering of this army is unexampled in history; but there is an end to all things & I fear we are very near to this. Which, more than probably will oblige me to stick very close to my flock this winter, & try like a careful physician, to prevent, if possible, the disorders getting to an incurable height.”

Washington clearly recognized the importance of real men, real patriots fighting and continuing to fight for the American ideal. He knew that to countenance cowards who would run away from a battle for survival of flag and country would be to fight in vain and fail to stand up for principles. It was imperative to the existence of all Americans today that Washington win this battle and go on to found, build, and constitutionalize America as we know it today.

And that, dear reader, is why the Bergdahl mess must be reversed toward justice for Bergdahl. And, we must target the five released terrorists for drone strikes or covert elimination. If our President hasn’t the gumption, then hopefully Israel’s Mossad will get them. Whatever the course of action, Americans want it reversed. People who love freedom and hate terrorism all over the world want it reversed. And perhaps most importantly of all, George Washington would want it reversed.


Relentless Bill Robinson’s Wikipedia Bio can be found here. Taking a keen interest in Business, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Politics, Bill is also the author and writer of “The Relentless Conservative” column on The Huffington Post. He recently began writing the new “American Hero Stories” column on HuffPo because he believes that none of us has enough respect for our brave US military and their families.

Bill lives in New York and has written columns, articles and cover stories for Fortune Small Business, The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Financial Times, Forbes.com, The Moscow Times, United Airline’s Hemispheres Magazine and Upside Magazine, amongst many others. He has appeared frequently on CNN, PBS, Bloomberg, BBC World and had his own segment on SKY News. Bill’s “TechScape” column in the The Huffington Post has won broad accolades and his “On Location” columns for Upside won multiple prestigious ASBPE awards and gave him an understanding and love of global technology.



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