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“Understand, we at the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies and the highest levels of our government knew—absolutely knew—that Bergdahl was being treated like a VIP by his collaborators. Shortly after defecting, he starts whining about missing his family and America … (then yelling) WELL HE SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE BETRAYING HIS FELLOW SOLDIERS AND AMERICA. Then we see him giving the Taliban treasonous video messages to demoralize our soldiers about ‘you have the power to make our government bring them (the troops) home. Please, please bring them home.’ This is called Treason and is punishable by death.”– Pentagon official

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“The US military and related intelligence communities knew that Bergdahl was collaborating with the Taliban. If you look at the photos of Bergdahl while he was supposedly ‘in captivity,’ you’ll see a man in comfortable clothing, eating well and looking as if he’s very much enjoying his time with our enemies. For pete’s sake, he’s even got a pen in his shirt pocket in one photo, looking as if he’s a reporter or something.” –Pentagon official


“Other pictures show him in front of very comfy looking backdrops and certainly not the masked, armed terrorist photos we’re used to seeing with their knives at his throat.” –Pentagon official

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“The Pentagon has known for a long time now, that Bergdahl was not being ‘held’ by the Taliban but being used very effectively by them. He was a willing pawn in their efforts to kill as many Americans as they could and get the USA out of Afghanistan.” –Pentagon official

“There has been a concerted effort of disinformation by this White House for years now, virtually since 2009, to falsely portray Bergdahl as some kind of POW that needed to be brought home and rescued. It’s all a big lie. The news media helped the administration by putting out an onslaught of little sound bites and interviews about Bergdahl featuring his parents, friends and spokesmen. It despicable and traitorous to lie to the American people and get our soldiers killed.” –Pentagon official

“Most of the lies in the media over the years, have shown Bergdahl wearing funny, little Pashtun hats and well-dressed, enjoying great food and even being hand-fed. Dammit! It was obvious he was collaborating with our enemy. Why is it Americans would fall for this Bravo Sierra (BS)?” –Jimmy

“During his years of supposed ‘captivity,’ our intelligence services have been very aware they’ve been consistently spoon-fed disinformation by the terrorists that Bergdahl has been in ‘metal cages,’ ‘beaten’ ‘held all alone for years in a cell’ and ‘tried to escape’ numerous times. This is all not true. We know this is simply the enemy trying to mislead us by threading in this nonsense about how he was mistreated to make it easier for Bergdahl to ‘reintegrate’ back into America and come home after consorting with our enemies and getting our soldiers killed. The terrorists don’t want it to become known about the level of collaboration of Bergdahl. It’s not to be believed and we don’t. Of course, the White House knows it’s not true, but sadly, they’re deceiving Americans about this.” –Pentagon official

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