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“There’s no doubt the press works against those of us out risking our lives. It’d be like if you said, ‘sure, I’ll go out and risk my life for my country and other Americans’; and as soon as you’re in combat, you start hearing your own press saying the worst things about you. You can’t imagine how that makes us feel.” –Jimmy
“This was terribly ironic and betraying. Here we had brave American soldiers, who were risking and had risked their lives for our flag and country, and they’re being threatened by the same government that sent them to fight? Horrible.” –Jimmy

“All this, was the same d**n thing they did in Benghazi. They screwed everything up and then built a huge lie about what had transpired, intimidating and threatening the forces that were there, in person and by phone calls from ‘restricted’ numbers. It’s un-American” –Ron

After years of threats, Benghazi, the God-awful VA scandal, the roundly-mocked West Point speech, and any number of other proofs that this government actively despises our American military, the American people have had it. The US military members and their families have no love lost for the WH, this President, or the departments of State and Defense because they feel cheated, disrespected, and lied to–while they also feel like they’ve been led to their deaths in many instances. This is why I think the Pentagon official and soldiers are coming forward now–they’ve had enough. We all have.


Relentless Bill Robinson’s Wikipedia Bio can be found here. Taking a keen interest in Business, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Politics, Bill is also the author and writer of “The Relentless Conservative” column on The Huffington Post. He recently began writing the new “American Hero Stories” column on HuffPo because he believes that none of us has enough respect for our brave US military and their families.

Bill lives in New York and has written columns, articles and cover stories for Fortune Small Business, The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Financial Times,, The Moscow Times, United Airline’s Hemispheres Magazine and Upside Magazine, amongst many others. He has appeared frequently on CNN, PBS, Bloomberg, BBC World and had his own segment on SKY News. Bill’s “TechScape” column in the The Huffington Post has won broad accolades and his “On Location” columns for Upside won multiple prestigious ASBPE awards and gave him an understanding and love of global technology.

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